Day Care in San Francisco, CA
Day Care in San Francisco, CA
Parent Reviews

Anaida has been taking care of my 2 kids for a year now. I am very happy to send my kids to her childcare. It's very clean, safe, bright, the food is delicious. My kids feel there like at home. I would recommend Anaida's childcare to anybody. You should check her place out. (2008-02-18 00:24:35)

My son has been at Kids' Dreams for about a year and a half now, and we are extremely happy with the service, care, atmosphere and professionalism of the facility. It is a very clean, fun and safe facility, and Anaida is doing a superb job in caring for the children and their best interest. I trust her 100%, and my son loves her and is very comfortable with her. My son's developmental and intellectual skills have flourished since I enrolled him, and I highly recommend this center for anyone who wants their child to recieve superior childcare. (2009-05-06 00:58:14)

My child has attended Anya's (Anaida's) preschool for a year, and we are very, very happy with the care that she has provided. Anya is enthusiastic about teaching and caring for kids and it shows - she goes to a great deal of effort to provide the kids with new toys, fun activities and lots of opportunities to learn, both ABC's and life skills, like cooperation and sharing. The kids at school are well behaved and happy. We feel very lucky to have found Anya.(2009-05-06 12:19:45)

Anaida provides excellent child care! She is very easy to communicate with, serves healthy food that our son gobbles up, and they do music and amazing crafts and pre-school lessons. We have been very happy with her!(2009-05-04 21:14:21)

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