Day Care in San Francisco, CA
Day Care in San Francisco, CA

MOTHER GOOSE TIME activities are developmentally appropriate and designed to help the whole child grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. The program builds an experience and skill base to help prepare children for a strong beginning in school.

Numbers, letters, shapes and colors are introduced monthly with their use intergrated throughout the activities. Circle time, storybook and "show and tell" activities provide practice in language and listening skills.
Fine motor, gross motor and sensory experiences are offered through such activities as rhyming exercises, reaching into the Mother Goose feel bag and cutting or painting a craft project. Music lessons - 2 times per week with a professional music teacher with singing and dancing as well. She also makes special appearances for children birthdays and other holidays.
Cooperative games and puzzle hunts enhance social and emotional development, as well as build self-esteem.  

Our Hours
Monday - Friday:   8am - 6pm