Day Care in San Francisco, CA
Day Care in San Francisco, CA
About Us

As part of our Childcare program, we provide exciting and creative activities from MOTHER GOOSE TIME.

We offer many educational activities such as ABCs, basic math(numbers, counting), reading, learning poems, comprehension of the yearly calendar cycle(days, dates, months, seasons, weather), art/crafts, colors, shapes, physical education - gymnastic and yoga.

The facility has a big play room with crawl-maze and variety of age appropriate toys, kitchen sets, nursery station, cars, blocks, puzzles, board games, etc. For the safety of the children, our facility is well monitored by security camera at the entrance gate. Separate eating area, kitchen area, classroom, library corner with lots of books, separate bedroom for naps.

We also have a large backyard filled with lots of toys, tricycles, cars, balls, hockey set, kids basketball stand; garden - kids love watering plants and taking care of them.

We provide 4 meals during the day 2 main meals and 2 snacks: daily fresh homemade balanced, nutritious and healthy organic food which include vegetables, fruits, cereal, homemade pancakes, homemade soups, milk. Extra snack/meal always available.

Our Hours
Monday - Friday:   8am - 6pm